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Who Uses LMS Software?



At a CAGR of 19.6%, the LMS market is anticipated to increase from $9.2 billion in 2018 to $22.4 billion in 2023. In the digital world, learning management systems (LMS) are everywhere. 

From classrooms and lecture halls to corporate training centers and virtual offices, learning management systems help people teach, learn and share their knowledge in impossible ways before the internet. But still, it needs to be clarified who can use this system; a significant misconception is that only the education sector uses this. Hence, here’s a quick guide to let you know who uses LMS software:


Students use this programming to learn. This can include watching videos, reading text, completing quizzes, and taking tests. Students also use LMS to communicate with teachers and classmates. Some students even take their notes using the software!

Students need to keep track of their progress to know what they still need to work on or how far along they are.

Independent teachers, coaches, and trainers

Teachers and professors can use this software to track student progress, upload class materials, give students access to class materials, and track attendance.

Many independent teachers, coaches, and trainers use LMS programming to manage their content. They can offer their courses online and charge for them, or they can make the course available free of charge. The idea is that learners can access the course anywhere and at any time, as long as they have an internet connection.

Such programming also helps these instructors track student progress and deliver feedback directly to each student’s account without sending individual emails or messages by hand. This saves time for both teacher and student, which means more time spent on learning!

Another feature of many LMS platforms is the ability to create a community around your learning material – learners can interact with each other.

Corporate trainers and HR departments

If you’re a corporate trainer or HR department, LMS software is a handy tool for your team. It can help:

  • Provide a more cohesive training experience for employees by centralizing content in one place
  • Keep track of training progress and completion rates
  • Create online quizzes and tests that can be accessed on mobile devices

Nonprofits and associations

The first type of organization that uses LMS software is nonprofits and associations. These organizations need to train their members to deliver services or products, and they often do so through face-to-face meetings.

With this system, they can keep records of who has been trained and track attendance at each meeting. They can also use it to host webinars or online group training sessions.

Test takers

The term “test taker” describes anyone who takes a test, whether for educational or professional purposes. The software provides some advanced award-winning learning materials that not only help students or educators but also help healthcare facilities, manufacturing and retail businesses, financial sectors, and many more. So, this programming has space for almost any business industry, irrespective of their diverse subjects and business purposes. 

Libraries and authors

Libraries use LMS programming to manage their collections and make them easily accessible to patrons. In addition, authors may use the same system to manage their content so that it’s easy for readers to access it.


Anyone can use LMS software with a goal. To make yourself polished and pro, you need to search for an authentic and renowned organization that offers multiple learning options based on this system with 24/7 customer support. 

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