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Hevo Data 30m Sequoia Capital



The Saas start-up, Hevo Data which helps firms assemble data troves for better use, has acquired $ 30 million in funding. Sequoia Capital helmed the Bangalore and San Francisco –based start-up’s funding round. Lachy Groom, Quagro and Chiratae Venture also participated. The all-time financing in five years now stands at $43 million. hevo data 30m series sequoia indiasinghtechcrunch.

Firms interact with a host of divisions, from marketing to design. The data of each of these divisions gets stored in silos. It makes real-time visibility very difficult, which delays quick company actions. data 30m series sequoia indiasinghtechcrunch.

Hevo Data designed a pipeline to make it easy for firms to integrate and fetch the data easily. They can get the data from various sources in one dashboard and even supply it to cloud data silos like Google BigQuery, Snowflake and Amazon Redshift. hevo data 30m sequoia capital.

Manish Jethani, the co-founder of Hevo Data, struggled to deal with data in his previous start-up, SpoonJoy. At Grofers, Manish saw this problem persists in large companies as well. His start-up combines data from various disparate sources and applications comprising CRM, marketing tech, advertising channels, financial system software, and customer support products to give a 360-degree view to the customers.

Hevo is that it is a “no-code platform”. It has more than 100 built-in integrations across SaaS applications, cloud storage, and streaming services. Users do not need any technical knowledge. The user interface is straightforward. hevo 30m series sequoia capital indiasinghtechcrunch.

Hevo has already gained 1000 customers across categories in more than 40 countries. It is looking for more funds to expand its footing in the market. It saw a staggering 500% growth last year.

Their insight platform enables users to analyse the collating data. The “Reverse ETL” product allows customers to use their data beyond analytics.

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